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"A union between the head and the heart; a clear mind, an awakened soul, feet on the ground."
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Alicia Vera Garcia

About me

 I am the founder of The Microdosing Coach. As one of the first microdosing and psychedelic coaches in the Netherlands, I coach individuals who want to harness the healing properties of psychedelics in small doses (microdosing). Additionally, I run an online shop offering high-quality microdosing products and serve as an internationally recognized microdosing expert, speaking at conferences and other events. I also teach at institutions such as the Wisdom of Plants Institute.

In addition to providing training to professionals, I am also a supplier to many therapists, educational institutes, coaches, and others who seek to work with high-quality and reliable products. I am proud to supply organizations such as the Wisdom of Plants Institute, Zelfregie Academy, Zen by Wendy, and Maite Wetters.

After healing myself with plant medicines from burnout, PTSD, and depression, embarking on a personal journey in the world of entheogens, I started my coaching practice in 2020 to guide people safely and consciously in using these substances. I have since assisted hundreds of individuals. I continue to expand my personal development and have participated in numerous ceremonies involving various psychedelics and plant medicines, gaining a profound understanding of these substances and how the insights and lessons they offer can be integrated into everyday life. I have also completed various courses and workshops related to microdosing, psychedelics, and coaching, including those from the Microdosing Institute and the Mind Foundation.

I am a member of the professional association Guild of Guides.

Peering into someone’s mind, heart, and soul is the greatest gift someone can give me. I consider it a precious gift when someone entrusts me with their inner world. In return for this openness, I offer them a loving mirror to reflect upon and assist them in integrating the insights gained from psychedelics in a careful and safe manner. When you open up, your world suddenly looks very different.

How I Work

From the heart and 'to the point'

My style is spiritual, playful, heart-centered, and simultaneously ‘to the point’ and results-oriented. I listen without judgment and work with great passion.

Using methods like ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

I often employ mindfulness and ACT in my work. I am an ACT coach and currently undergoing training to become an ACT therapist. The foundation of ACT is to help people embrace their thoughts and emotions rather than trying to change them. ACT has been proven effective for various conditions and simply feeling better. When combined with plant medicines, it becomes a magical combination. ACT is frequently used in psychedelic-assisted therapy.

With expertise

I have coached many individuals, including those in the corporate world. To do so, I have completed various training sessions, courses, and workshops, including an accredited Coaching Program at ICM, the ACT training at Stresswise Academy, and several courses, workshops, and training programs at the Microdosing Institute and the Mind Foundation. If you want to learn more about becoming a microdosing coach yourself, I have recorded a vlog on how I approached it. I also offer a basic course and private courses on becoming a microdosing facilitator. Feel free to contact me for further details.

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My Story

There was a time when I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression. My suffering was so unbearable that I preferred not to exist anymore. I couldn’t keep up with society. It was one of the darkest periods of my life. If this was ‘it,’ then I didn’t want it. I was emotionally numb, constantly tired, dragging myself along, and when I did feel something, it was unbearable, intense pain.

And then came my beloved plant medicines, also known as natural psychedelics, particularly ayahuasca and hallucinogenic mushrooms. They brought me back to life instead of just surviving. I said ‘yes’ to life again. I saw the beauty of our existence once more, how everything is interconnected. I felt grateful to be alive. I, too, could be happy. The entheogens took me deep into my subconscious, where I found answers to my problems. I realized that everything is a choice. Do I choose love or fear? You create your own reality. I healed myself entirely naturally, without synthetic medications and their associated side effects. Importantly, I did it with the guidance of patient and caring facilitators.

I want to offer you that valuable guidance toward a happier and more meaningful life! That’s why I now channel my experience and knowledge into my work as The Microdosing Coach.

You can order microdosing products directly from my online shop. If microdosing is new to you, or if you have a specific issue or condition, or you want to get the most out of your microdosing experience, consider coaching. It will enhance your microdosing journey.

Psychedelics work best when combined with the right guide. They are not miracle cures in themselves; they are signposts that guide you in the right direction, providing insights that make you more aware of your patterns, thoughts, and habits. The next steps are up to you, and if you wish, I can be there with you.


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