Wild Reishi Extract

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Wild Reishi Extract

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The royal mushroom Reishi, instantly recognizable by its fan-shaped appearance, is known for its stress-relieving properties, immune-boosting capabilities, cell regeneration, and fatigue-fighting abilities – this Purple Reishi extract has a regal effect on your body and mind.*

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Product Information

Reishi, known as the mushroom of immortality in China and Japan or the feel-good mushroom, is primarily renowned for its potent health benefits. In my opinion, this is the mushroom most famous for enhancing life energy. It has been used for centuries throughout Asia as a symbol of enlightenment and mastery. Most people use it (during microdosing) for its adaptogenic properties. It restores hormonal balance in your body and reduces physical and mental stress responses. Your feelings are enhanced positively, hence the 'feel-good mushroom.' Additionally, it supports the adrenal glands and contributes to your overall health and well-being. Studies show that Reishi demonstrably boosts the immune system, provides protection against cancer, and helps with fatigue and depression. Due to its calming effect, it is suitable for mental disorders. Purple Reishi is known as the most potent among Reishi varieties, and Taoist masters use it to enhance their wisdom.* Therefore, this mushroom is a valuable support for microdosing.

Reishi is a fungus known by numerous illustrious names in Asia. For instance, its Japanese name means 'plant of immortality.' The Chinese name can have various translations, including 'supernatural fungus' and 'magic fungus.' These names have deep roots in history. Reishi has been used in Chinese medicine for at least 2000 years, with some sources even tracing it back 4000 years.

The Reishi mushroom is a parasitic fungus, which means it lives off other organisms. In the wild, these medicinal mushrooms grow on hardwood, usually on pine trees, oaks, or maples.

This tincture contains purple Reishi, the rarest Reishi variety. It is known to be exceptionally powerful, even more so than other types. Moreover, its taste is sweeter and less bitter than, for example, red Reishi. Purple Reishi possesses all the benefits of other Reishi varieties but is also good for the heart and even better for the immune system and emotional stability and relaxation.

In the traditional medical systems of Japan, Korea, China, and other Asian countries, Reishi holds a significant place. It is used, among other things, as an immunostimulant for patients undergoing HIV and cancer treatments. The 'Ji 731' injection, with a concentrated Reishi extract as its main ingredient, is also used as part of combination therapy for patients with muscular diseases. Thanks to this injection, they rely less on glucocorticoids.

These extracts are developed and produced by SHYFT in small batches. They exclusively contain wild mushrooms collected from nature. Wild mushrooms are highly resilient and adapt well because they have overcome significant obstacles before reaching maturity; they have survived extreme weather conditions, viruses, and bacteria, escaping destruction or consumption by animals. This results in an optimally developed defense mechanism. Therefore, wild mushrooms are almost always more potent than their cultivated counterparts. A technologically advanced "four-fold extraction" technique is used for all extracts, meaning that the fruiting bodies are exposed to various extraction methods. This ensures that you receive a very pure product of the highest quality. Because water extracts different substances than alcohol, a ratio of 75:25 (water/alcohol) was chosen to ensure that all the different nutrients from the fruiting bodies are extracted. The result is a product packed with phytonutrients, even more potent than a powder. The mushrooms used are carefully selected and sustainably harvested.


23 grams of wild, 100% organic, dried Purple Reishi (ganoderma sinense) with 30ml distilled water (1020mg/ml) and alcohol (25%). Obtained through a four-fold extraction process to provide a completely natural and pure extract of the highest quality, with the full spectrum of phytonutrients from the mushrooms.


Helps balance mental and physical stress*
May promote good sleep*
Supports a healthy immune system*
Reduces anxiety and depression*
Antiviral: combats viruses including flu, HIV/AIDS, or hepatitis*
May lower blood sugar levels*
Beneficial for gastrointestinal conditions*


Place ½ dropper (10 drops) under your tongue twice a day to reap the supportive benefits. 30ml = 60 doses / 30 days.


Sealed, dry, and at room temperature. Do not refrigerate.

Practical Information

The 30 ml dropper bottle contains 100% natural mushroom extract (ganoderma sinense), sustainably sourced from wild harvesting in China.
Dried Reishi fruiting bodies are used in this tincture instead of fresh ones, resulting in an even higher concentration of active ingredients.
Extra potent due to four-fold extraction
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Developed by SHYFT. These tinctures are made with love and in close collaboration with SHYFT, following the latest scientific developments. Only dried and wild varieties are used, and four methods of extraction are employed, making us believe we offer the best in this field. Want to learn more? Then read this blog.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the European Food Safety Administration (EFSA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor before use.