Pure Caapi Vine

Weight 110 g

30 ml

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Pure Caapi Vine

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Do you often feel sad? Are you always on edge? Or have you participated in a ceremony and want to feel the gentle, feminine energy of the Mother again? Then microdosing with ayahuasca using the ultrasonic Pure Caapi Vine might be for you. A true heart opener and natural antidepressant.

Weight 110 g
Content 30 ml
Objective Anxieties, Brain, Creativity, Depression, Focus and concentration, Opening the heart, Insights, Relaxation, Anti-inflammatory, PMS, Mood, Trauma processing


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Product Information

With the Pure Caapi Vine from Peru, you microdose only with the MAO inhibitor. In this case, caapi baniosteropsis. Caapi acts as a natural antidepressant, a relaxer, and heart opener. For everyone who wants to live life lighter, act more from self-love, and be more in the here and now. Pure love in a bottle.

What makes this tincture unique is that it has been extracted ultrasonically. Therefore, the tincture contains the entire spectrum of healthy nutrients. This makes it even more powerful than other microdosing ayahuasca tinctures. Ultrasonic extraction means that an ultrasonic extraction machine literally vibrates (gently) all the healthy nutrients out. An advantage  is that there is no damage to biologically active compounds. Also, ultrasonic extraction is a mild and non-thermal technique, making it a superior extraction technique for producing high-quality extracts at room temperature. Then you have pure gold in your hands!

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Benefits of Microdosing with Pure Caapi Vine

The benefits vary per person, but generally:

improved mood
higher consciousness; more insight into behavior, emotions, or thoughts.
against anxieties
promotes relaxation and therefore better sleep
lucid dreaming
greater sense of self-love
Greater empathic ability or connection with oneself, others, or nature
Can help against PMS symptoms

Practical Info

the 30 ml dropper bottle contains Caapi paste made in Peru with distilled water and alcohol (ratio 50:50)
with your order, you will receive a manual
with average use, it lasts about 1 to 2 months


Microdosing with Pure Caapi Vine can be done in the morning on an empty stomach or before going to sleep. Think of an intention beforehand and express it in your thoughts while taking it. Microdose every day for a month with 3-9 drops. You will need to find your own 'sweet spot'. Then stop for two weeks and start over. Start on a day when you don't have too many exciting obligations.

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Then read this blog. Also about the differences with other plant medicines such as truffles and mushrooms.


Only for persons 18 years and older.
Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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