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Support call

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Assistance for starting or improving your microdosing.

Who is it for?

For people who are already microdosing but haven't quite got the hang of it. If you have specific practical questions about microdosing and want quick guidance from a professional. Or if you've already started and want me to review and analyze your protocol, check if you're at the right sweet spot, or if you're using the right substance. Or perhaps you're not feeling any effects from microdosing and want to know why.

For all these questions, there's the microdosing support call. You can book it for 15, 30, or 60 minutes.


After this consultation, you'll have answers to your practical questions and can proceed with microdosing in a focused manner.

Where & How?

This is an individual session that you can schedule with me online. After payment, you'll receive a link to schedule an appointment with me directly.


You'll pay 22.50 per quarter-hour in advance. If we need more time, we'll discuss it during the conversation.

Appointment Cancellation

If you're unable to make it, you can cancel the appointment up to 48 hours in advance and receive a refund of your payment.